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24 Hour Service

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Obligation-free service agreements

Routine maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns, and Maintenance Programs are required by law. Make sure your elevator is maintained often to keep it running smoothly. One of our experienced techs will perform maintenance and make sure everything is in excellent condition.

Don't get locked in an agreement you're not happy with. Our contracts are open-ended, meaning there are no fees associated with ending a contract. We ask only 30 days' notice for cancellations.

Total elevator solution

  • Full maintenance

  • Grease and oil

  • No load or full load governor testing

  • No load or full load pressure testing

  • Modernization

  • Mandatory upgrades

  • Installation

  • Chain driven

  • Dumbwaiters

  • Hydraulic

  • Material lifts

  • Traction

  • Service and repair

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24-hour service available!